Kyte Extracts – Champagne Shatter

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Shatter is a an extraction of cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant using Butane, Propane or Hexane.  The result is a much higher potency and glass or “shatter” like consistency once it is in the final stage of extraction.


Champagne Kush is an even blend of sativa and indica (50:50 sativa/indica ratio) that was created by crossing a Hash Plant with the original Hindu Kush.

The indica and sativa effects are balanced, creating a euphoric, tingling body buzz with increased sociability and happiness. This strain gets its name from its unique, champagne-like aroma and flavour, though there are additional notes of sweetness, flowers, and soil. 

Flavour: Citrus, Hash, Sour and Sweet

Effects: Body High, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy and Sociable

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